Public Safety is the bedrock of what politicians are supposed to provide to our citizens. I am committed to increasing safety in our community.

I am proud of my record on public safety, I voted to increase funding for law enforcement when crime spiked during the covid lockdowns (2021 budget), I worked hard to move the Illinois State Police Headquarters to East St. Louis, I have established relationships with St Clair County Sheriff Watson (Endorsement), East St. Louis Police Chief, Cahokia Heights Police Chief and many others around the district. 


I will use my experience to make sure that we continue to increase public safety so that our communities can prosper.

I'll be chasing the endorsements of the folks here so be ready for me to turn those names into hyperlinks that link to the announcement of those endorsements. 

As the representative of the district with highest income disparity in Illinois, I know that access to quality healthcare can be a life or death question. That's why I continue to work to decrease the cost of healthcare while increasing the availability and quality. If I’m reelected, you can expect to see legislation on a wide variety of health care topics.


  1. I will work to decrease the cost of prescription drugs. I am proud of the work that Democrats have done to decrease cost, including Gov Pritzker’s move to eliminate 4 million dollars in medical debt. (2025 Budget) That is great, but the reason that debt is so high is because our healthcare is so expensive, sometimes 5x more expensive than other nations. We have to lower those costs so folks can afford the healthcare they need. 

  2. I will continue to prioritize maternal healthcare. I will not accept that having a baby is a deadly choice. We must make sure that our mothers and babies are well taken care of. That means services, regardless of income, from pregnancy through early childhood. The problem is huge in the 114th district because minority mothers are 2x as likely to die during childbirth and low income mothers have less access to the care they need. I served as the Chair of the Health Care availability and Access committee I created a task force to address these concerns and back in Springfield, I will make sure that the task force continues its work and that its recommendations are followed. In 2019, I said that “any single life saved is worth the effort”. I stand by that and will make sure we continue to save lives. (

  3. A related issue is Maternal Mortality. In the US we have a much higher infant and maternal mortality rate than other countries. This is especially true for women of color. While the reasons are numerous, we have to change this. While in office, I helped create the [board that oversees this stuff] to make sure that the state stays aware of the problem and works to fix it. This board has continued to report to the Governor and when reelected, I will work hard to make sure their recommendations are fully implemented.

I have been talking about Uplifting IL since 2018. And the best way to uplift our community is to invest in education. I am a proud supporter of the ESTL School district where I have spent 15 years of my career. Every year as state rep, I worked to bring the funding needed to all our community school districts and that has shown huge success. The 114th has some of the top schools in the state and has been a pioneer when it comes to college prep and career and technical education. As state rep, I will work to bring the funding needed to keep our school heading in the right direction and I will work to make sure that every student has the opportunity to continue their education, creating a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. Specifically, this means obtaining funding for the East St Louis Career and Technical School. It was one of the first centers of its kind in the state, and it must be updated to keep up area districts. I’ll also work to combat the rising cost of education. If you want to get a degree, money shouldn’t be a barrier.